INSIDE: My heart stops!

INSIDE: was to share my life  & heart with you.

INSIDE: Or is it just me?

INSIDE: I love you like

INSIDE: that lightning would be jealous!

INSIDE: I love you.

INSIDE: Fucking auto correct

INSIDE: I promise I'll give it back!

INSIDE: I love you most.

INSIDE: My heart expected

INSIDE: You would be a FINE-apple!


INSIDE: I love you

INSIDE: Yesterday you got on my nerves.

INSIDE: That's all I got!

INSIDE: I'd keep looking until I did

INSIDE: for reminding me what butterflies feel like!

INSIDE: I'm yours!

INSIDE: I love you, not because you are perfect, but because you are perfect for me!

INSIDE: and set my soul on fire with touching, loving and passionate desire!

INSIDE:I meant to put no spaces because I don't want there to be any space between you and I.

INSIDE: We got our own thang!

INSIDE: and my life became beautiful

INSIDE: because we know that the most beautiful things are not seen but felt by the heart.

INSIDE: Real relationships get through it!

INSIDE: and I had the privilege of meeting you.

INSIDE: But we're perfect for each other!

INSIDE: and felt my whole world flip!

INSIDE: even when my days feel cloudy!

INSIDE: is reaching over and knowing you are there!



INSIDE: wanna workout?

INSIDE: and fuck you on balconies

INSIDE: without words!

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INSIDE: I am never not thinking of you

INSIDE: Unless you're naked!

INSIDE: I want it!

INSIDE: my hearts GPS always leads me to you.




INSIDE: and how I love you back

INSIDE: If kisses were raindrops, I'd send you showers.  If hugs were seconds, I'd send you hours.  If smiles were water, I'd send you the sea And if love were a person, I'd send you ME!

INSIDE: all the love songs were about you!

INSIDE: Together we're everything!

INSIDE: makes me smile

INSIDE: I'm supposed to be stuck in your head!

INSIDE: when YOU are holding the other

INSIDE: but every second with you is

INSIDE: and that's a lot!.

INSIDE: But at some point,  you smiled, And I blew it!

INSIDE: With my thighs!

INSIDE: Then I saw you were not perfect and I loved you more.


INSIDE:  is waiting for you! Come get it!

INSIDE: I don't blame you-That shit is ridiculous

INSIDE: Ours is my favorite!

INSIDE: My body needs your body!