INSIDE: May you find that married life holds special joys: Love that keeps growing, cherished hope and dreams that come true and happiness that deepens in the years ahead of you.  Congratulations!

INSIDE: only the faithful and loyal

last the distance.



INSIDE: We just want to say that you have led us and guided us in may ways.

Always making sure to handle us with care and always making sure that you were there!

You 2 were joined by a power from above and so on this day we share in your love!

Happy Anniversary!

INSIDE: a plan to love each other

for better and worse,

for richer and poorer,

in sickness and health.



2 Dads

2 Aunts

2 Uncles

2 Daughters

2 Son


INSIDE: On this day I pray that your love endures; that for all your ails, love cures; that your marriage grows stronger each day; that your love continues to blossom in every way; that you live in mutual harmony and accord; that you hold all the joy your heart can afford.

INSIDE: May you always be blessed with warmth, with kindness, with Love! Congratulations!

INSIDE: Greet the future with anticipation.  Congrats on your engagement!